7 Must Do’s When Marketing Your Business


Today is the era of social media marketing, and don’t let your small business get by without keeping up with the trends. This inexpensive form of marketing can greatly boost your business in the customer’s mind. Make it your goal to be the first post they see when they log into their Facebook, twitter or Google+ account. The more frequently and consistently you post, the more likely you will be seen by potential customers. The great thing about sites like Facebook is they have analytics and statistics built in. They make it easy for your business to track which posts were popular and which had less success. This will allow you to better tailor what you post, to your audience.


Whether you are strictly using your website, or if you can be found all over the internet, the key to marketing your small business is creating great content. Find an idea that catches your eye and tailor it to your own business. An easy way to discover great content is to follow pages and social media sites of businesses within the same industry as your business. NEVER steal an idea outright, but see what has gained others success and create something new for you.


Video advertising and marketing has taken the world by storm. Videos have recently become the ‘norm’ for communicating thoughts and ideas. Videos are an effective way to engage and connect with your audience at events and conferences. Facebook analytics shows that video content has the largest reach compared to all other types of posts, including photos and statuses. Jump on the bandwagon and show what your company is all about.


Any time you have a free moment, spend it identifying who exactly your target market is for your small business. Characterize these people and determine if they are the ideal market you hope to be targeting. Once this is identified, you will be able to better focus your marketing efforts, while avoiding extra expenses.


Now that you know who you are targeting, think about tactics as to how. In order to obtain and retain loyal customers, keep them engaged. Begin to learn who your customers are, and little pieces of their life. The more you engage with your customers, the greater the chance of them spreading the word about how your business did, and the great thing about word-of-mouth is that it is FREE.


Use powerful marketing materials! Don’t just settle for the mundane, boring pieces that may or may not be beneficial. Get more BANG for your buck with professional brochures, letterhead signage and car decals. You may only get a few seconds with a customer to make an impression, make it one that will last.


The simplest way to market your business is with new and eye catching business cards, but don’t be the person who has them, and doesn’t use them. Pass them out to everyone you interact with. This is essentially growing your network one person at a time and with that, growing your potential customer base. It is the most traditional way of getting the name of your business out to the community and often the most effective way.

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